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Little Sparkels in the Night Sky

The stars we see in the night sky are tens of thousands of light years away, which are the distances beyond our imagination. The lights that stars emit travel the space, and eventually, reach our eyes. Throughout history, people have been fascinated by the beauty of the night sky. The mystery of the unknown worlds captures the imagination. What people imagine and think when they view the night sky through astronomical telescopes depends on the person's knowledge, experience, interest, etc. But, astronomical telescopes are for anyone who is curious about the world of astronomy.

Link:AP Series

AP Series

This new mount takes the simple equatorial mount to a new level. The heart of the AP is the “R.A Motor Module and STAR BOOK ONE Set”. This innovative drive unit outperforms the current concept of conventional equatorial mounts. The AP Mount changes the configuration of the Equatorial Mount by adapting to your growing interest in visual observation or astrophotography.

Link:PORTA 2 Series


The PORTA II series of astronomical telescopes has been introduced in succession to PORTA that is very popular not only among beginners but also veterans since its introduction. PORTA II offers a good quality of operation that is unparallel to other altazimuth telescopes in the same class.

Link:MINI PORTA Series


A more lightweight, portable and compact altazimuth mount for anyone who intends to enjoy the features of popular PORTA II altazimuth mount. Simple friction controls in the vertical and horizontal directions make it easy to use for beginners.

Photo: STAR PAL Equatorial Mount


The STAR-PAL series of friction controlled telescopes are lightweight and easy-to-use grab-and-go telescopes. It is suited as the first astronomical telescope for the family.Lunar craters and Saturn's rings are fun with the STAR-PAL.



New types of compact astronomical telescope mounts equipped with standard celestial navigation systems such as the automatic go-to system guided by the stellar map display and the auto guider system. The attached controller allows it to find the objects that are hard to see with naked eye. A variety of optical tube types such as refracting, reflecting (Newtonian), and Catadioptric are offered.


SX2 Series

The SX2 mount offers simple and easy operation of your telescope with a newly developed STAR BOOK ONE dual axis handheld controller. The SX2 mount incorporates precision pulse motors and Vixen’s accurate micro-step motion control makes the rotation of the pulse motors extremely stable and smooth

Photo: SX Equatorial Mount

SX Equatorial Mount Series

SX equatorial mounts are equipped with a completely new type of celestial navigation system, “STAR BOOK,” and the functions contained in Vixen’s German type equatorial mount + automatic go-to system. It is recommended for anyone interested in astronomical observation from beginner observers to veteran astronomers.

Photo: SXD Equatorial Mount

SXD Equatorial Mount Series

Mobile equatorial mounts that evolved out of the new-generation SX equatorial mounts. Hardened steel components, strong bearings in every location, have achieved the maximum loading weight of 15kg. This is for those observers or astronomers who want to thoroughly enjoy the ‘deep sky.”

Photo: SXD2 Equatorial Mount

SXD2 Equatorial Mount Series

The SXD2 equatorial mount is a high precision sturdy mount with the cutting-edge STAR BOOK TEN controller featuring a high definition large color LCD screen and intuitive operations to assist your comfortable astronomical observation.

Photo: SXP Equatorial Mount

SXP Equatorial Mount Series

Combining the best functions of the Sphinx series of mounts and of the STAR BOOK controller, Vixen has introduced a new generation of the sold equatorial mount for high-performance observing and astrophotography.

Photo: GP2 Equatorial Mount

GP2 Equatorial Mount Series

The German-type equatorial mount with a superior functionality provides accuracy and sturdiness. It is available at a reasonable cost since the parts, like polar axis scope and motor drive, are offered as options. It is recommended for someone who does not have a clear idea as to whether he/she would like to focus on observation or try astro-photography as well.

Photo: GPD2 Equatorial Mount

GPD2 Equatorial Mount Series

GPD2 Equatorial Mount is a result of the remarkable improvement in “precision, intensity, durability, and stability” by changing the material and design of GP2 Equatorial Mount without losing its simple-to-use characteristics. This mount, with the maximum weight of 10kg, has a built-in polar axis scope and offers a full range of necessary tools for serious astronomical observation. It is recommended for those considering astronomy as a long-lasting hobby.

Photo: AXD Equatorial Mount

AXD Equatorial Mount Series

Combining the best functions of the ATLUX series of mounts and the STAR BOOK controller, Vixen has created an easy to use and technically exceptional mount. The AXD mount realizes silk-smooth movements in both the RA and Declination axes with the precision-made gear assemblies and micro-step motion control of the pulse motors. In glowing demand for digital astro-imaging, the AXD mount achieves durability and portability in a high level of standard that satisfy serious amateur astronomers.

Photo: Binocular Telescopes

There is nothing like viewing celestial objects through a pair of large aperture binoculars. Objects take on an effect like a 3-D and the views of well-known nebulas, globular clusters an open clusters are magnificent. With the ability to interchangeable eyepieces and erect images, you have the opportunity to view everything from exploring Messier objects in the deep sky to terrestrial landscape. It is recommended to use HF2 alt-azimuth fork mount.

Photo: POLARIE Star Tracker

The Polarie is an ultra compact star tracker which easily allows you to take pinpoint photos of stars and constellations. Add it to your photographing gear. Taking photos of the night sky has never been easier!

Photo: STAR Tracking Mount

The AP Photo Guider is a star tracker for long exposure astrophotography having the same precision of the AP mount and the ease of portability. A moderate telephoto lens used with the AP Photo Guider will produce images of well known bright Messier objects.

Photo: STAR Tracking Mount

The GP2 Photo guider S is a highly compact and versatile star tracking mount which is made from a component of the renowned Vixen GP2 equatorial mount. It is the best suited for wide-field celestial photography such as constellations, meteors and bright comets.

Optical Tube

A dovetail-plate attachment system is employed on the Vixen's optical tubes for quick and easy mating of telescopes and mounts. With your Vixen mount, you can choose optical tubes that meet your specific purpose or budget and upgrade later to different ones as your interest grows.


A Planisphere is an integral item to astronomical observation with astronomical telescopes and binoculars. Also, it is useful to learn the night sky's geography and find constellations. This item is available in Japanese language only.

Photo: Home Planetarium

A starry night sky in your room! The Home Planetarium projects all 88 constellations and 805 bright stars down to magnitude 3 on the ceiling and wall of a room. It is workable as a celestial globe by projecting constellations onto semi-transparent hemisphere screens included with the Home Planetarium.

Photo: Eyepieces

Photographic Accessories
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