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When you try to catch a sight of a bird perched on a tree branch with binoculars or a fieldscope, the object appears so close, you might even hold your breath so that the bird won't fly away. The magnified images you see through these optical devices let you forget the actual distance to the object.
By using binoculars or a fieldscope, you can see magnified images of many objects, including but not limited to, small wildlife in the nature, athletes in the field, actors on stage. You can share the atmosphere and even feel the nervousness and tension as if you are part of the performance.

image photo: Binoculars

Compact binoculars are perfect for outings such as operas, plays, and sporting events. This line of binoculars offers rich selections in characteristics such as size, design, and brightness of the field of view.



The compact binoculars which provide the power you need to view in a concert, sports event, and other scenes. The lightweight body, (170g~310g) and the widths less than 11cm, can be carried in a handbag.



Popular types that can be carried as accessories. The cute lightweight design is only 120g, Joyful M6x18 makes you feel like carrying it any time, anywhere.

Photo: Zoom


High-performance compact zooming binoculars with magnification that can freely be adjusted. Enjoy the magnificent mountains, an autumn forest scene, an old shrine, and many other scenes you may see during your trip.

Photo:Simple Opera Glasses


They weigh only around 50g. The compact size becomes even smaller by folding them up. A full range of color variation is provided.


SG 2.1 × 4.1

The SG2.1X42 is a handy binocular with a bright 42mm aperture and low 2.1X magnification that is designed and developed for star gazing. Enjoy finding a row of stars in constellations and millions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy with its ultra wide field of view. The sparkle of beautiful and mysterious stars will never fail to give us a sense of the vastness of the universe.

The intelligent model in which Dach (roof) prism is employed. This mobile type is good for a broad range of activities from sporting event to outdoor leisure. It can be kept in your bag for landscape observing or bird watching.



The 7-layered "flat multi-coatings" on the objective lens for high light transmission and high reflectivity dielectric coatings on the SK15 subsidiary roof prism produce outstanding sharp image with bright and clear field of view. The oil flipped lens coatings keep dirt away from the outer surfaces of the objective and ocular lenses. The use of magnesium alloy makes the binocular body strong but lightweight. It is Vixen's highest ranked quality binoculars which are particular about its performance in every respect.



Stylish new body with roof prisms is the New FORESTA series of binoculars. New open hinge design is employed on the bridge to let your fingers be easy to grip and hold the binocular body. Newly adopted enhanced reflectivity coatings on the surface of the prisms deliver brighter and clearer image in low-light conditions such as dusk.


Atrek Series

Newly released binoculars for outdoor use. Fully multi-coated lens, on the entire surface, to provide a bright and clear field of view. The nitrogen filled waterproof design protects the body in the rain, snow, or during waterside activities.

Photo:New Apex


Their mobility and ease of use make them useful in watching sporting events, trekking, travels, and other various activities. Multi-layer coating is applied on the entire surfaces of objective and ocular lenses, to produce a very bright field of view.

The binoculars with asturdy but unique appearance in which the right geometric prism is employed. They provide superior performance, and the models with large apertures, which easily produce bright views, are offered at reasonable costs. From popular models for outdoor types to astronomical telescope binoculars, they are recommended for those who are selective about view quality.

Photo:ATREK Light


If you are looking for a truly good pair of binoculars that matches your debut of nature study like bird watching and astronomical observation, ATREK Light is the best and brightest. The minimum interpupillary distance of 50mm makes it easier for even children to use. You will appreciate its outstanding cost performance.

Photo:Foresta ZR


A very bright, sharp field of view is produced by the new optical design. The unprecedented lightweight Porro-prism waterproof model.



Porro-prism binoculars with simple structures. Multi-layer coating is applied on all of the prisms and lenses, thus producing the name, "Ultima" meaning ultimate.



The "Ascot Series," popular among outdoor activists, are recreated with new design and color and a waterproof structure. Their design characteristics such as high eyepoint, rigid body, and complete waterproof system were employed to guarantee the ease of use outdoors.


Ark Series

They capture extremely bright images with the excellent light gathering power of the large apertures. The high eyepoint design is employed to reduce the stress in the eyes felt during long-term observation.

Comapct monoculars are convenient for storing in your pocket and taking out whenever necessary. They will play significant roles in small scenes such as when reading the material placed inside a glass case at a museum or when looking at an information board in a lecture hall.



Multi Monoculars can be used for appreciating art at a museum or in business conferences. There are zooming types, 4x, 6x, 8x,to 5x~15x. Select the type that suits your need.


Astronomical Binocular Telescope

The binoculars for astronomical observation: They provide very powerful views of comets or star clusters.

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