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Away from everyday life, in the wildness, you may encounter nature at its most beautiful or most ferocious. You may find singing birds, blooming flowers, heavy rain or fierce winds. If we lose our way during stormy weather or on unmarked roads, we can find our direction using the “power of the earth”.

link:Standard Types

Standard Types

Simple and easy-to-read compasses with diameter from 35mm. The types with Chinese zodiac on the letter board are also available.

link:Military Types

Military Types

The military compass can be used for simple measurements. The direction to the target can be read more accurately by using the crosshair on the slit hole on the cover and through the rear sight located on the front lens holder. The attractive design is perfect as an accessory for outdoor use.

link:For Kids

For Kids

The needle moves smoothly in the oil-float types. The waterproof design can be used in a sudden rainfall or when walking in a wet area. A simple thermometer is installed on the cover, and it changes the color and measures the temperature when you touch it with your finger for ten seconds. It is a fun compass with superior functions and playful features.

link:For Orienteering

For Orienteering

Find the control points set on a hill or a mountain and reach your goal as fast as possible. Orienteering is a sport in which you complete for the time to reach the goal. After you are given a map and compass, you look for the control points. The orienteering compass is convenient not only for finding the direction but also for measuring distance or for drawing lines. A loupe is attached for you to read detail of a map.

link:Key Holder Types

Key Holder Types

Can be an accessory on a travel bag. The mini compass with a colorful and cute design

link For Wathces

For Watches

The mini compass can be used by attaching to the wrist band of a watch. The 100m waterproof design enables you to use also for diving.

link:Special Compasses

Special Compasses

Special compasses have different features from a regular compass such as their board with Chinese zodiac signs marked on it.

link:Altitude Scale

Altitude Scale

Necessary items for hiking or mountain climbing They can also measure air pressure and altitude.