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  On Christmas Eve every year, a group of reindeer carry the sled on which Santa Claus rides with lots of gifts. According to a collection of poems written by Clement Clarke Moore, all of the reindeer have names, one of which is "Vixen." The company, Vixen Co., Ltd., is named after the reindeer, the messenger of happiness. Vixen was founded in 1949 as the integrated manufacturer of optical devices like astronomical telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.
  During the corporate history, Vixen released the world's first astronomical telescope with an automatic go-to system. Vixen's technology for making astronomical telescopes is also applied in makings of binoculars and microscopes. It has lead to the creation of new devices like the 'digiscope' system. which can take photographs of images obtained by an astronomical telescope or a microscope with a digital camera. As a leading manufacturer of these products, Vixen will continue to improve the technology for making excellent products.
Starry Sky and Santa Claus
Privacy Policy

Vixen Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Vixen" below) recognizes that protection of personal information fundamental in management and is one of our social responsibilities.
In order to attain this responsibility, Vixen will make an effort to protect any personal information under the thorough company management by obeying the policy statements below.

  1. Collection of Personal Information
    Regarding an aquisition of personal information, Vixen will clarify the purpose of use and obtain the data by appropriate means.

  2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information
    Personal information obtained by Vixen will be used for the specified purpose only.

  3. Personal Information Management
    To prevent any unauthorized access, leakage, loss, destruction, or falsification of personal data, an appropriate and secure management policy will be stated.

  4. Non-disclosure of Personal Information
    Personal information obtained by Vixen will not be offered, disclosed, or transferred to the third party except under the circumstances stated below.
    1. In case there is an advance approval or consent of the customer.
    2. When the data is entrusted to a business entrust agency (ex. transportation agency) to satisfy the purpose of use speciafied to the customer.
    3. In case it is required by law to disclose or offer the personal information.

  5. Observance of Laws and Continuous Improvement
    Vixen observes the laws and standard regarding the protection of personal information, and organize the company policy to ascertain that every member of the company is informed of the policy regarding protection of personal information.
    Additionally, Vixen will strive for progress of the personal policy protection standard and for its continuous improvement.

Vixen Co., Ltd.
Representative Director/President, Kazushige Niitsuma