AXD(ATLUX DELUX)Equatorial Mount



In the past there were two equatorial mount models which were entitled "ATLUX". Similarly there were two star chart GoTo controllers which were named "STAR BOOK". Each was innovative in its own right. With the recent increasing use of high sensitivity and high resolution DSLR cameras, producing breathtaking images of deep sky wonders in short exposures, the evolution of telescopes and mounts must follow this trend. Vixen responded to these evolutionary changes by developing the AXD Mount. The priority was the development of a high precision and high performance equatorial mount that was designed for all level of Astronomers. These two objectives have been realized in the design of the AXD equatorial mount.

Avid Astronomers will find that the high performance and precise tracking of the AXD Equatorial Mount will raise their level of observation and improve astrophotography. With its ease of use and superior performance, the AXD Mounts offers novice Astronomers the opportunity to be a successful astro-photographer as it does not require an expert knowledge of astrophotography.

No matter how you are involved in astronomical observing, the superior interface of the STAR BOOK TEN lets you operate the equatorial mount with ease.


♦ Sturdy construction and light weight body

The A7075 super-alloy, which is the strongest material among a king of aluminum alloys, is used for the R.A and DEC axes. The tension of the A7075 super-alloy is stronger than titanium that is known as a lightweight material of high strength. Its specific gravity is 38% less than titanium. The use of the A7075 super-alloy for the axes makes the AXD equatorial mount lightweight while retaining the sturdiness.

♦ 21 Bearings

The rotational parts of the AXD equatorial mount have 21 pieces of bearings in total. This provides a very smooth motion for tracking and slewing to objects.

♦ Pulse Motors

Vixen chose accurate pulse motors which have better response and which enable the AXD equatorial mount to fully realize its performance potential. A drawback associated with ticktack motions of pulse motors with large steps has been eliminated by a newly developed micro-step motion control system which generates high speed 400 pulses per second on the pulse motors. As a result, it enables surprisingly smooth tracking free of oscillation. The pulse motors of the AXD equatorial mount maintain sufficient torques. This is most evident when you observe at high magnification and for CCD imaging with a small pixel size.

♦ Worm Wheels

Sizes of the worm wheels have been increased in the latest ATLUX design. The AXD equatorial mount has 270 teeth in RA and 216 teeth in DEC. Both axes are as thick as 50mm in diameter. It achieves a high level of tracking accuracy and tracking stability as well.

♦ Minimum Backlash

Vixen's micro-step motion control system accurately works the pulse motors from low speed to high speed. This eliminates the need for reduction gears in the motor gear train and drastically decreases backlash of the gears.

♦ Elegant Appearance

The flattened side-forms with minimal protrusions are inherited from former generations of ATLUX. The white and silver colored external appearance of the AXD equatorial mount makes it look elegant and functional. It stands as the flagship of Vixen's full line of well-designed mounts and telescopes.

♦ Original Motor Layout

The massive R.A. and DEC motor units are placed in the lower part of the declination body so that the center of balance of the AXD equatorial mount shifts to below the crossing point of the R.A. and DEC axes. This makes a lower portion of the declination body perform as a counterweight. Additionally, the low-profile mount head allows the AXD equatorial mount balance to with less weight.

♦ Ultimate Periodic Error Correction - VPEC

Usually periodic errors on equatorial mounts are measured and corrected by users. As the STAR BOOK does not save the PEC, this inconvenience has been resolved with the STAR BOOK TEN. The periodic motion of each AXD equatorial mount has been measured precisely and stored in the nonvolatile memory inside the mount at Vixen's factory before shipment. This is called VPEC. The VPEC works automatically as you use the mount. It provides tracking as accurate as +/- 4 arc seconds. You will be able to raise the tracking accuracy further by adding your own recorded PEC as the occasion demands.

♦ Others

Silver setting circles with vernier are provided. The structure of German equatorial mounts has been reviewed thoroughly in order to realize the sturdy but lightweight AXD mount. All the electronic parts indie the mount are put on one electric circuit board to simplify electrical wiring. The mount is equipped with a highly reliable electric circuit board.

※ Optional Accessories
  AXD-TR102 Tripod
  AXD Half Pillar
  AXD Counterweight 1.5kg
  AXD Counterweight 3.5kg
  AXD Counterweight 7kg
  AXD Large Accessory Plate




In 1984 Vixen introduced "SkySensor", which was the first hand-held computing controller to have small armature telescopes automatically slew to celestial objects. Until that time, such special devices had been provided only for professional telescopes in large observatories. It was with this innovative hand-held controller, as you entered the name of a star you want to see, that moved your telescope automatically so that the target object was within the telescope's field of view.

Thirteen years later, after various automatic "GoTo" controllers were born, Vixen introduced "SkySensor 2000" in 1997 which was regarded as the industry standard "GoTo" unit. Since that time, auto-slewing through celestial simulation software in a PC has become popular. Although the PC is a convenient tool for astronomical observation, it requires a stable power source and peripheral equipment. Then, Vixen proposed a new "GoTo" navigation system called "STAR BOOK" for astronomers. The self-contained STAR BOOK has a large color LCD screen which displays not only star charts but also a wide variety of information. This is a favorite feature for everybody as the astronomer intuitively understands the "GoTo" slewing. During the development of the new AXD equatorial mount, Vixen started to design a high level new telescope controller which inherited the STAR BOOK. The STAR BOOK TEN was born as a new generation all-in-one handheld controller for superb ease of use, high visibility display and many other useful functions.

5-inch Color LCD screen
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Night Vision
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♦ 5-inch Color LCD screen

The LCD of STAR BOOK TEN is an easy to see 5-inch TFT color liquid-crystal display. Its high-resolution WVGA screen (800x480, 65535 colors) shows you vivid images of stars.

♦ Night Vision

As astronomical observation is done outside at night, the observer' eyes are adjusted to a dark field environment. A bight while light from the screen will stop the iris of the eye down and it will be harder for the observer to temporarily see in the darkness. The night vision feature will illuminates the whole screen in red if applied and it will alleviate the brightness to the observer's eyes.

♦ Fast CPU Speed

STAR BOOK TEN has a CPU with 324MHz clock speed which is about 5 times as fast as the CPU of STAR BOOK. This makes star chart screens more vivid and quick to respond.

♦ Hibernate

STAR BOOK TEN has a large capacity of backup memory where your alignment information can be stored. This allows you to turn off the power of the mount temporarily to save batteries. The mount resumes tracking and GoTo slewing perfectly when you turn on the power again.

♦ Celestial Object Database

STAR BOOK TEN contains more than 270,000 celestial objects, including 258,977 stars from the SAO star catalogue, 109 Messier objects, 7,840 NGC objects and 5,386 IC objects, the sun, moon and planets of our solar system. You can call up objects by its general name if available.


Periodic error corrections you have done to improve tracking accuracy of the mount are saved and retained if you turn off the power. The PPEC data can be called up next time you use the mount for visual observation and astrophotography.

♦ Backlit Keys

All commend and direction keys can be backlit in red illumination to let you identify the keys in the dark. The backlit keys can be adjusted and turned off.

♦ User Defined Objects

STAR BOOK TEN can store user defined objects. You can save memorial celestial objects and interesting celestial objects that you are planning to photograph.

♦ Different Tracking Rate

It is possible to change the tracking rate according to a type of object you observe. The motion of the sun, moon, planet and comet can be followed independently of the sidereal rate.

♦ Chasing Satellite

Putting orbital elements of a satellite allows you to slew to an artificial satellite and track it automatically with STAR BOOK TEN.

♦ Expansion Slot

STAR BOOK TEN includes an expansion slot. In the future, Vixen plans to provide other functions of astronomical observation by means of an expansion module. An expansion module for auto-guiding is in development.