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When words become images

Do you wonder if all living things have family relationships and emotions as we do?
Observing small creatures in their natural environment allows you to capture their behavior with photos. Imagine a bird’s twittering as a conversation and capture the moment with your photograph.
Get closer to these creatures and join in their environment. Bring nature up close by observing and recording these remarkable images.

image photo: Fieldscopes

Compact fieldscopes can be carried in one hand. Geoma52-S and Aroma52-A with fancy colorings and GeomaII ED52-S which employs ED lens and many other designs and functions are available.

Photo:Geoma 2ED52-S

GeomaII ED52-S

The new mobile scope released in the spring of 2007. The use of ED lens creates a high-contrast image. Its compact mobile body can be carried in one handto be ready when you find an object to observe.

Photo:Geoma 52-S

Geoma 52-S

A direct-view fieldscope suitable for mobile youths. Because of its compact size, there is no stress in carrying it around and it can be stored in a small backpack. You can also enjoy super telephotography by connecting a digital camera.

Photo:Aroma 52-A

Aroma 52-A

A fancy tri-color fieldscope which can easily be carried around anytime, anywhere. It can be used as a super telephoto lens by connecting a camera. The body tilt at 45º helps you reduce your stress during a long-time use.

The genuine fieldscope with aperture larger than 65mm and the lenses that feature perfect fully multi-coated lenses. An SLR camera or a compact digital camera can be installed by using an optional adapter (sold separately). You can try super telephotography that captures a detailed view of small animals.


Geoma II Series

The standard Geoma range of Vixen Field Scopes gas been remodeled to a series of Geoma II Field Scopes with hard-to-scratching and low reflectivity urethane beads paint body, which was awarded a "good design" prize. Two-stage course and fine dual focusing, rotatable scope mounting for camera tripod and other enhanced operational functions are employed.


Geoma II ED Series

Released in the spring of 2007. ED lens, which yields a high-contrast field of view with few color blotches, is employed in this highest model of Vixen fieldscopes.

Photo:Optional Parts

Photographic Accessories