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Have a Detailed Look Thoroughly...

Take a plant or an insect in your hand and look at it carefully. You will be intrigued with the natural wonder arranged in such an orderly manner. Have a look at one of your old photographs thoroughly. You will be reminded of the memory which you had forgotten. All the small things around you can be something more precious when you look at them in so much detail.

Photo:Magnifier HA10

Please make your best choice by considering the magnification, design, size and weight. Convenient and handy magnifiers can also be nice gifts.

Button: Reading Magnifier

Reading Magnifiers

A conventional model for reading, observing plants, etc, equipped with a gripping handle.

Button: Illuminated Magnifier

Illuminated Magnifiers

Reading/pocket magnifiers with illuminating devices. The pocket types are suitable in a dark environment like a concert hall. They make reading program materials easier by illuminating around your hand.
Flash Magnifiers ⁄ Pocket Types

Button: Pocket Magnifier

Pocket Magnifiers

The compact lightweight magnifiers suitable for carrying around. Various designs are available and they offer a rich selection for your preference.

Button: Stationery Magnifier

Stationery Magnifiers

The magnifers with the design that is especially appealing when placed on a desk. Not only they are practically useful, but they make an excellent present or souvenir.
Desk Magnifiers ⁄ Flannel Magnifiers ⁄ Bar Loupe

Button: Stand Magnifier

Stand Magnifiers

The stand types convenient for long-hour reading or sewing. They allow you to use both of your hands freely.

Button: Hands-Free Magnifier

Hands-Free Magnifier

The neck strap type is suitable for sewing and other craft work; it allows you to use both of your hands freely.

Button: High Magnification Loupe

High-Magnification Loupes

The magnifiers with high magnification which enlarge small letters dramatically.

Button: Flexible Loupe

Flexible Magnifiers

The flexible types can be fixed by clipping to the rim of a desk. The flexible arm allows you to extend it whenever necessary.

Button: Eyeglasses Magnifier

Eyeglasses Magnifier

You can simply wear an "EyeFeel" magnifier to view what you want to magnify as the same feeling that you wear eyeglasses. Hands free and it is highly suitable for a minute work like inspection of small pieces at factory as well as for hobbies of reading or handcraft at home.

Button: Binocular Magnifier

Binocular Magnifiers

An accurate and detailed work can be carried out with both of your hands by attaching the magnifier to your head.
New Binocular ⁄ Binocular Magnifiers

Button: Metal Holder

Metal Holders

Suitable for mineral or jewel appraisals, checking printed materials with high magnification, or many other uses. They can be kept in their rigid metal cases and the clear appearance is well suited to the outdoor environment. A variety of selections are available such as two-element or three-element lenses types and those with a key holder attached.

Button: Professional Magnifier

Professional Magnifiers

The magnifiers with high performance and quality suitable for professional uses. Convenient for checking dots on a photograph or printed material or cloth texture.
Linen Magnifiers ⁄ High-Magnification Desk Magnifier ⁄ Eye Loupe