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The Tightly Packed 'Wonders' of the Microscopic World

There are micro worlds inside everyday objects that we tend to overlook in our daily life. The microorganisms inhabiting the puddles, plant tissues, and parts of a human body are just a few examples of the images you can see with a microscope. With a microscope, you can appreciate the beauty of the micro world. Your "big discovery in small things" will guide you through the impressive micro world.


These microscopes are designed for beginning users and are useful tools for children's free-study projects. Some products are provided with observational equipments.

CMOS Camera Microscope

CMOS Camera Microscope

CMOS Camera Microscope can be used not only as a microscope but can save images to your PC or project an image on a TV screen by connecting the attached CMOS camera. Suitable for exploring a micro world with your friends and family.

Microshot Series

Microshot Series

Glass slides, coverglasses, dissectors, and other necessary items for observation are provided in the Microshot Series set. The equipment is useful for presentations of free projects by school children. Films with lens for microscopic photography and screen projection equipment are provided as attachments.

Photo:SA~SC Series

Standard Microscope SA~SC Series

This easy-to-use microscope has a simple design and is suitable for learning. It is recommended as a gift for children. SA-300 set includes observational accessories and SB and SC can be used for photography by attaching a seperately-sold accessory.

Photo: Microboy SL-30

Binocular Stereoscopic Microboy Microscope

The binocular microscope allows you to observe the surface of an object with both of your eyes. A new microscope, which magnifies up to 40x,, SL-40, joined the lineup in 2008. Objects with a familiar appearance in everyday life can look very different from a microscopic point of view.

These large-sized genuine microscopes are used in junior high schools and high schools for training sessions or in research divisions in industries. Optional accessories such as eyepieces are all included.

Photo:FM Series

Large Microscope FM Series for Training

This series, with superior optical functions, is complete with a rich selection of eyepieces and an illuminating device. These have been used for training sessions in junior high/high schools or for research in universities and organizations.

Photo:FBL Series

Large Microscope FBL Series for Research

These large-sized microscopes are employed in many universities and research divisions in industries. The trinocular tube set enables taking a photograph while observing by attaching a photographic accessory (sold separately).

Photo:SL Series

Binocular Stereoscopic Microscope SL Series

These large-sized microscopes enable a microscopic observation of the surface of an object. They offer a wide range of applications such as inspection of electronic parts or precision devices, gem or mineral appraisal. A trinocular-tube type is also provided.

Photo:FPH Series

Chromatic Microscope FPH Series

Observation of transparent objects which cannot be seen with a regular microscope is made possible by the phase shift method in this series. You can take photographs of objects for research or inspection with a digital camera or an SLR camera by attaching a photographic accessory (sold separately).

Photo: Eyepieces

Photographic Accessories
Observational Accessories