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Polarie shown with an optional tripod and a camera sold separately.

What is Polarie?

The Vixen Polarie is a totally new photographic accessory which easily allows you to take pinpoint photos of stars and constellations. It is designed to follow the apparent motion of the stars caused by the earth's rotation, eliminating star trails.

With use of the Polarie, taking wide filed photographic images of constellations, the Milky Way, shooting stars and bright comets is surprisingly simple and easy.

Polarie also enables you to photograph starry nightscapes by adding a night landscape or silhouetted figure in the foreground of your frame. We name it "Star-Scape" photography.

Camera-fixed on tripod


Star-Scape Photography examples (at OSP 2011)

※Specification and appearance may change without notice for an improvement.

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